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"The Life Home"
Written and arranged by Birgit Bidder.
All rights reserved. Published by Sony ATV Scandinavia.

*The lyrics for Psalm From A Heart is translated to English and interpreted by Per-Alexander Esbjörnsson.

Produced by Jari Haapalainen.
Engineered and Mixed by Christopher Lundquist at Aerosol Grey Machine in Vallarum.
Additional recordings at Konst & Ramar in Stockholm.

Birgit Bidder - piano, rhodes, hammond organ, celesta, synthesizers, electric guitar & vocals
Paulina Mellqvist & Jakke Erixson - guitars 
Carl Greder - electric bass
Martin Ödlund - drums, orchestral percussion, saw, pump organ
Hanna Persson, Cajsa Siik, Caroline Ekström,
Per-Alexander Esbjörnsson - backing vocals
Svante Hedin - flugel horn
Mikael Augustsson - bandoneon & accordion
Mats "Magic" Gunnarsson - saxophones

Master by Henrik Jonsson at Masters Of Audio

Cover photo by Knotan
Album artwork by Matt Wignall

"Space Travel"

Written and arranged by Birgit Bidder
Produced by Birgit Bidder & Nille Perned
Mix and master by Nille Perned

Recorded in Fashion Police Studios, Rubadub Studios, Rekord Studio, Studio 4142, House of SAY and Mobilstudion.

Lead vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, electric guitars and electric bass - Birgit Bidder
Electric guitars - Paulina Mellkvist & Nille Perned
Backing vocals - Hanna Persson, Sanne Stenbeck and Cajsa Siik
Electric bass on track 4 & 6 - Carl Greder
Drums track 2 & 3, toms & double drums track 5, - Martin Ödlund
Drums (track 1,4,5,6,7,8) - Magnus Olsson
Vibraphone - Anders Haag

Album photo by Sanne Stenbeck & artwork by Birgit Bidder

SING A SONG FIGHTER: This unique album really stands out. A one time live experience featuring a large chamber orchestra along with a pop band and in front of it all: the one and only Birgit Bidder!

This is Birgit's first and only existing compositions and arrangements for chamber orchestra and pop band.
Inspired by Penguin Café Orchestra, Neu!, Funk Brothers and Bernard Herrmann, among many of Birgit’s influences, the performance took place on the main stage at Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

- One of my goals was to make us musicians feel as alive and needed in the music as possible. To bring a smile to their faces and set myself free, says Birgit.

Just before the show was starting, sound engineer Nille Perned persuaded Birgit to record the music, and to not have it vanish into space which was Birgit’s first thought. Now, this one time moment of wonder is continuing to live on via this vinyl album being released by Sing a song fighter. 

"I Used To Dream"

All songs are composed and arranged by Birgit Bidder
Performed in front of a live audience with Modern Fantazias at
Södra Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden.
Conductor: Hans Ek
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nille Perned at Mobilstudion.

Birgit Bidder: vocals and piano
Kristina Ebbersten: violin
Andreas Forsman: violin
Erik Holm: viola
Anna Wallgren: cello
Anders Johnsson: bass
Henrik Westerberg: clarinet and flute
Magnus Bagge: bassoon
Per Texas Johansson: saxophone and clarinet
Jonas Lindeborg: trumpet
Johan Norin: trumpet
Karl Frisendahl: trombone
Geia Anfinsen: trombone
Anders Haag: percussion and marimba
Kalle Thorsson: percussion and vibraphone
Moussa Fadera: drums
Julia Falthin: bass
Hanna Persson: backing vocals
Sanne Stenbeck: backing vocals
Robert Elovsson: keyboards

The choir phrase "Se där, han är förvirrad" in "Leia" is from Monteverdi's L'Orfeo.

"You Don't Wanna Know" is co-mixed by Sven Johansson at Fashionpolice Studios.

Cello solo on "Dearest" by Anna Wallgren

Cover photo taken by Per Sjöberg during soundcheck.
Sleeve artwork by Birgit Bidder & Jonas Veronesi.

all rights reserved

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