Birgit Bidder’s first arrangement for chamber orchestra gets brilliant review

November 24       Comment   
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Birgit Bidder & Modern Fantazias m. Hans Ek
Södra Teatern 12/11 

Birgit Bidder has a very strong artistic expression. All music except for a Nico cover is written and arranged by Bidder, her music is symphonic in itself and not only through the arrangements.

In many of the songs she builds up vocal layers, the music varies, it stands on classic pop-rock-soul-ground and is still independent towards music history. “You Don’t Wanna Know” feels like a spot on hit with full power from the backup vocals. “I’m Your Kid” is a work of art with a sound collage of spoken voices. – Swedish daily newspaper SvD 14:e november 2014

Birgit Bidder opera debuts in L’Orfeo by Monteverdi at Wermland Opera.

January 27       Comment   

Birgit Bidder will perform as La Musica in Swedish opera house Wermland Opera‘s production L’Orfeo by Monteverdi. L’Orfeo is directed by Kristofer Steen from Refused and arranged and conducted by Hans Ek. Other participing artists are Moto Boy and Jan Kyhle among others. March 1 – April 5.

See for more info!

Birgit Bidder & Modern Fantazias w. Hans Ek at Södra Teatern 12/11

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Birgit Bidder writes for chamber orchestra in a feminist and classcritic art project supported by art fund Konstnärsnämnden. Birgit will perform together with Modern Fantazias and conductor Hans Ek (Polar Prize, Efterklang) at classic theater Södra Teatern in Stockholm November 12. Welcome!

Birgit Bidder arrangerar för kammarorkester i klasskritiskt konstprojekt

Nyskrivna Bidderlåtar komponerade för kammarorkester och dirigerade av Hans Ek framförs på Södra Teatern 12/11. Konserten åtföljs av samtal mellan publik och medverkande i Södra Bar, här ska tankar och kunskap göras tillgängligt. Kvällen är slutmålet på Birgit Bidders feministiska och klasskritiska konstprojekt med emanciperande mål som genomförs med stöd av Konstnärsnämnden. Välkomna!

Biljetter och mer information

Birgit Bidder får bidrag för feministiskt konstprojekt av Konstnärsnämnden.

June 3       Comment   

Birgit Bidder får bidrag för ett feministiskt och klasskritiskt konstprojekt med emanciperande mål av Konstnärsnämnden 2014. Mer info kommer löpande, kort kan nämnas att Birgit Bidder samarbetar med Hans Ek, Ingvar Karkoff & kammarorkestern Modern Fantazias för orkesterarrangering, stämskrivning, dirigering och framförande av egenskrivna verk under 2014.

Läs Konstnärsnämndens pressutskick här:

L’Orfeo gets brilliant reviews additional shows added!

March 8       Comment   

L’Orfeo, starring Birgit Bidder as La Musica, premiered at Wermland opera house March 1 and has recieved brilliant reviews from Swedish national television, radio and papers! 

SVT calls L’Orfeo “a true work of art”, DN says “Birgit Bidder’s intimate voice immediately wipes away all concievable distance” and SR “Volyminous Wagner vocals are mixed with the sheerest of  lyrical pop voices in a whole new arrangement for opera orchestra […] this is music you’ve never heard before.”.

The opera runs until April 5 and has already soon sold out, we’re now happy to announce that additional shows have been added on March 27 and April 3! See for tickets and more info!

Birgit Bidder sings Transeurope Express with Hans Ek & Modern Fantazias 3/8

July 30       1 Comment   

Birgit Bidder sings with conductor Hans Ek’s (Ane Brun, Frida Hyvönen) chamber orchestra Modern Fantazias again, this time interpreting Kraftwerk in “Transeurope Express” at Stockholm Music and Arts Festival, Stockholm this Saturday 3/8. Birgit Bidder will sing songs by Kraftwerk, David Bowie and Brian Eno. Welcome!


Zermatt Unplugged!

April 14       Comment   

Thank’s Zermatt unplugged for a brilliant stay! We were knocked out by the amazing turn up, 400 sold tickets! Not bad for not having released a single song in Switzerland. Hope to see you soon! X BB

Photo: Dominique Schreckling


Birgit Bidder sings Music for Eno with Modern Fantazias 6/4

April 3       Comment   

For the third time Birgit Bidder will sing with conductor Hans Ek’s (Ane Brun, Frida Hyvönen) chamber orchestra Modern Fantazias! This time interpreting Brian Eno in “Music For Eno” at Södra Teatern, Stockholm this Saturday 6/4. Birgit Bidder will sing Roxy Music, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Talking Heads and a lot more. Other participating artists are Rebekka Kaarijord (NO) and Loney Dear (SWE). Welcome!


Birgit Bidder premiere plays with Kajsa Grytt at Fasching 5/4

April 3       Comment   

This friday 5/4 Birgit Bidder joins Kajsa Grytt on guitar, bass, synths and vocals and premiere plays her new album “Jag ler, jag dör”, due for release this fall, live at Fasching, Stockholm. Birgit Bidder sings backup vocals on both Kajsa Grytt albums produced by Jari Haapalainen, the latest much saluted “Kvinna under påverkan” released in 2011.


Birgit Bidder live at Zermatt Unplugged April 12

January 24       Comment   

We are happy to tell you that Birgit Bidder will perform at the Swiss festival Zermatt Unplugged April 12! Other confirmed artists are Bryan Ferry (Official) & Mando Diao. / K.R